An employee's life in customer service and other random stories.

Cleaning duties

Alright. We all know what comes with working in a restaurant. Cleaning. Clean the dishes. Clean the tables. Clean the floor. Clean the chairs. Clean the vegetables. Clean your hands. Clean the soda machine. Clean the front doors. Clean the register. Clean the condiment caddies. Clean the windows. Clean the patio. All of it. At some point or another, it is inevitable that you will have to clean something at some point.

I have no problem with this. I actually enjoy cleaning on certain days. It can be therapeutic to make something clean when I cannot manage to keep my own home/life that way. The only problem that I have with cleaning is when people do it in a stupid and/or ineffective way. Let’s be logical in the way that we do things. Okay?

Example: Today we had to clean and restock the sugar caddies/holders on each of the tables in the restaurant that I work at. Ok. This makes sense. People shove random things in there and I am sure they get fondled more than a pornstar’s titties when people are bored and waiting for their food.

So here is what should have happened: All of the caddies should have been gathered in one massive tub. The contents of each caddie should have been emptied into separate containers (sugars with other like sugars and things of that nature). Then all of them should have been run through the dishwasher and left out to dry. Once they were dry, then they could have been refilled and stocked with proper quantities of each type of sugar. They should have been put back in the tub that they were originally gathered in and returned to the tables. This process would save energy and time. It all makes sense, yes? Apparently not.

Here is what actually happened: (No massive tub was involved in any making of this production.) The two tardwinkles that I work with decided to go to each individual table and take the caddies in their arms while leaving their contents scattered upon the table. This resulted in multiple trips back to the back of the house to deposit their newfound treasures into the dishwasher. It was like the Noah’s ark of condiment caddies. Two at a time, everyone in a single-file line! Multiple trips = massive waste of time. Then they washed the caddies and brought them out individually to each table. Once again, multiple trips = stupendous waste of time. Just wait… There’s more. From there, they went out/around and refilled/stocked all of the caddies at each table individually. Really? This seemed like the best way to go about this? You didn’t get deja vu from seeing the tables so many times?

Here is a little math knowledge thrown at your face. My way = 2 trips around the dining room. These idiot’s way of doing this = 1290214903719037298189201 trips around the dining room. My way = done in half an hour. Your way = still not done when your shift ended. Therefore, I win. You lose. Idiots.